Bizarre Binge of Bamboo

6 years ago

There is no doubt bamboo has played significant roles in Asia’s culinary industry. The history of this cooking method actually has not yet unveiled scientifically yet Asians believe to put bamboo in use will add unique flavors to the food. In Yunnan Province, China, bamboo cooking method used to be a cooking technique applied by minority nationalities. It is known that Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes has become very popular among other ethnic groups, especially the Zhuang minority and Yao minority in Guangxi. Today, numbers of snack stalls selling bamboo tubes can be found around the regions. In this country, bamboo cooking technique is usually applied in the mountainous districts where local people often go hunting and farming in dense forests. The idea behind this cooking method is to solve the problem of their wanderment so that they can cook everywhere with bamboo. An open fire is another thing to complete the process. Rice and other food supply such as meat are placed into the bamboo tube, filled with water and sealed with banana leaves then grilled in the open fire until the outer part blackens showing it’s completely cooked.

In Southeast Asian cuisines including Thai, Burmese and Indonesia, bamboo shoots are popular to create an extensive taste of a recipe. Similar to what Chinese people discovered, the cooking method using bamboo benefits open fire, banana leaves and charcoals. For Malay ethnic group, this traditional cooking method is arguably passed down from ancestors where diverse social value tucks in every family tree. In Malaysia it is called Lemang, which is believed to be a home-cooking recipe to improve kinship. Proceeded in traditional way, it needs longer cooking time to result quality bamboo rice. The ingredients used mirror Chinese bamboo rice where inside the bamboo stalk is banana leaves to wrap the rice.

Besides to preserve the heritage of the traditions and cultures, bamboo cooking technique has important role in culinary industry. It is found that the rice cooked inside bamboo will be softer as the bamboo has more pressure to keep the rice moist. Particularly to green bamboos with their unique pores, producing evaporation and steaming the rice well. Cooking rice with this green bamboo will also add more flavors to the rice specifically when a bigger size is opted. Moreover, more flavors come from the leaves inside the bamboo wall. Layers of every leaf intensifies the taste and smell.

Due to the fact that Blanco par Mandif is a fine dining restaurant focusing on nurturing culture and nature, the concept of bamboo cooking technique to steam the rice is a modicum. Applying this method is in line with the mission itself and thus magnificent bamboo rice in this gastronomy restaurant is served in an accurately assessed way. Not to mention steaming rice in a bamboo is a healthy cooking method as this technique will not lose the flavor, shape color and nutrients of the food inside the wrap. Furthermore when grilled, the bamboo stalk is seemingly designed to allow moist water vapor to evaporate and circulate throughout the content.

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