Blanco par Mandif Contributed in 6 Hands Dinner

6 years ago

Four hands seem not yet enough to wow the mass of the finest menu of all. To amaze more souls savoring the tantalizing menu of Blanco par Mandif, the Executive Chef, Mandif Warokka and Chef de Cuisine, Tan Ali joined venture for a night with Chef Renzo Vacchelli, the Head Chef of Above Eleven Bali. Blanco par Mandif that is recognized for its gastronomic Indonesian cuisine switched scenes with the delectable Peruvian menu of the restaurant itself.

Overlooking the calming view of Jimbaran’s nature at the rooftop of Above Eleven, the setup of each table represented the ambience of an appetizing mood. In this airy space, an aesthetic elegant setting was poised to complete the culinary journey. It was begun with a special Amuse Bouche from the trio. On the side of the host, Chef Renzo prepared Beetroot Tartar and King Prawn Anticucho while the guests served Papinyo and Squid (Chef Ali) and Squid Puff and Gohu Tuna (Chef Mandif). Flashing to the tables sequentially, these three starters were paired with Culantro Picante cocktail. The time these three mouthwatering modicums lied on the guests’ tables, the button of a fantastic ‘show’ was clicked, ready to pop up one’s mind.

As it commenced, Chef Mandif and Chef Ali presented the freshest local produces to fulfill the diners’ hunger with a palatable package of raw corn, shrimp and lime paired with Wolf Blass Red Label, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015. Raw corn stands alone may have not making sense to some but enjoying the raw corn with shrimp and lime at one spoon surely stimulates palates. It was a plus when the selected wine came along, enriching the flavors. Wolf Blass Red Label Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is indeed known to match well with seafood. No wonder a robust taste reached peak when touching the shrimp. On the other hand, Chef Renzo assembled scallop tiradito, yellow and purple sweet potatoes, green curry oil, and quinoa pop to be paired with Wolf Blass Yellow Label, Chardonnay 2015. On the plates, colorful presentation got much attention as well as the unique taste soaked in each of every part of it.

Later that evening the three kitchen marvels articulated their unquestionable skills to the Main Course, framing a momentous episode. The three recipe distinguished themselves as uniquely special. An intoxicating 14 day-aged peking duck cooked by Chef Mandif culminated as its best once corn fritter and green apple complemented as a whole as well as the bold taste of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Merlot 2015 splashed the dark fruit aromas onto guests’ palates. Followed by the magnificent creations of Chef Renzo’s Barramundi, corn pepian and mango criolla then by Chef Ali’s minced beef pie, rendang (an authentic Minangkabau beef recipe), mushroom and cassava leaf. Surprising was the minced beef pie was served live at every guest’s table to enhance the culinary experience. Chef Ali cut every piece of the beef log to be put on plates and arranged the presentation on the spot, showcasing his remarkable touch of styling the dish.

To be fetched at last was the tropical dessert consisting of Chocolate Cuvee de Bali, palm sugar, coconut and berries. Though strong punch of the coconut still dominated, the sweet-sour berries and the natural sweet taste from the palm sugar balanced the savor. Ultimately as it was served as a chocolate dessert so that the bitterness raised a perfect, balancing relish. Chef Mandif and Chef Ali’s instinctive sense of opting which recipe to present was undoubtedly proven. Particularly when the dessert was paired with Ponche de Vino Tinto. The evening turned into a gentle lullaby to call it a day.

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