BLANCO Par Mandif Extends Its Quintessential Dining Experience

5 years ago

Ubud, Bali, 18 April 2019 – After four years have established as a fine dining restaurant catering modern Indonesian cuisine, delivering authentic recipes of Indonesia’s most renowned meals across the archipelago, BLANCO par Mandif revolves to bring fresh air around the corner. Shifted to promote Progressive Indonesian Cuisine, the award-winning Head Chef Mandif Warokka offers a myriad of options in the menu including A la carte. Prior to the shift, BLANCO par Mandif is known for its degustation option only where guests should opt for 7 or 9 courses. To seize the opportunity to take the restaurant into next level of visibility, guests today can enjoy the courses separately with no less of quality deduction in each plate.

The extent of A la carte menu is definite, providing a complete list from Prelude (pre-course), Bridge (appetizer), Principle (main course), and Sweet Endings (dessert). As a plus, BLANCO’s Signature 14-Day Aged Duck Breast is included to the A la carte in order to allow guests savoring the exceptional taste without having to proceed the entire courses. Not to mention, more traditional touch is comprised in the A la carte menu. In the Prelude list, Papinyo, traditional staple from Maluku (one of Indonesia’s eastern regions) is served with fresh scallop combined in konbu, cucumber granita, chlorophyll extract and finished with calamondin lime and kenari dressing. On the other hand, in the Bridge section, Tabanan Tomato Sayur Asam infuses the authentic vegetable soup from West Java, Sayur Asam. Prepared with chayote, cherry tomato, roasted jicama and stuffed vine leaves the vegetable sources are freshly picked from Tabanan, West bali. Differently the Quail Kalasan is hailed from Sleman, Yogyakarta, bringing its original recipe of chicken kalasan . The exceptional meal consists of chicken liver mousse, cucumber, gudeg jack fruit and soya sauce. A perfect combination of traditional recipe and modern cooking method.

To revolutionize the dining experience in BLANCO par Mandif, Chef Mandif Warokka also creates new terminologies for the degustation menu named after Adiboga, Tirtaloka and Giriloka. The inspiration of both terms comes from the meaning of the three words themselves. Adiboga derives from Adi meaning big and Boga: meal while Tirtaloka is best

defined as Tirta: water and Loka: world. Additionally Giriloka is obtained from Giri (mountain) and Loka (world). Sanskrit language they are, the chef initiates to relate the labels with the ingredients involved where Adiboga incorporates all kinds of meals including beef, chicken and all meats whilst Tirtaloka is for pescatarian and Giriloka for vegetarian.

To top it all off, Chef Mandif Warokka carefully selects the best quality ingredients from local markets have to offer and minimizes imported components to enhance the core value of BLANCO par Mandif itself: empowering local craftsmanship. The notion is reflected by the use of fresh seafood in most recipes in the fine dining restaurant. It is due to seafood considerably representing Indonesia as an archipelago country where marine life is the center of attention. By promoting seafood in the degustation menu, Chef Mandif Warokka believes to concurrently foster international guests to further their knowledge about the country. Meanwhile to the national guests are to be proud of the country’s ocean wealth.

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