BLANCO par Mandif Exudes a Classic Artisan Bar

5 years ago

The etymology of “classic” was known to represent the quality of artwork having established value and being recognized as the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Rooting from this terminology, BLANCO par Mandif is destined to long for this persona, delivering timeless arts in the atmosphere. To put into the premises, Ruang Tamu (living room), a classic artisan bar recently unfurled by the fine dining restaurant explores the magnificence of classic in the era where arts were celebrated intricately.

Inspired by the spirit of the artists and musicians in the Baroque period, Ruang Tamu enlivens the sense of the time when everything crafted artworks in detailed yet easy to understand. Progressive classic, it is, Ruang Tamu presents an array of handmade cocktails with exceptional, complex, ingredients yet easy to understand. The bar uses only local produce to bring out local craftsmanship and premium labels to escalate the enjoyment. The exquisite taste juxtaposes authentic Indonesian flavors with classic lasting recipes to convey the latest discoveries of “east meets west”.

To the uninitiated, it might seem that Ubud has already embraced cocktails, yet the city has always been a quiet, constant bastion of the cocktail. The new classics offered by the speakeasy bar are expected to ripple the pleasure of sipping classic-modern formulas. Additionally, a varied selection of housemade bitters and tincture is provided exceptionally to underline the artisanal stimulation.

Meet Well-Tempered Clavier consisting of vermouth, dark rum, sugar cane, and housemade pine nut tincture. Expect the additional smooth flavor from the foam that will leave you in awe. From pine leaves that are boiled with ale, lemon and a bit of sugar, this foam delivers honey aftertaste with no honey in the mixture at all. Another to pay attention to is Tre Vie Fountain. Elegance comes from inside, out. The coup glass is filled with asymmetrical ice forming an iceberg and a joyous refreshing blend of vodka, Tanqueray, apple cider, osmanthus, basil, and housemade grape juice soda.   

Attention to detail is as well everything here. The ambiance of the classic is extended by the intimate surrounding dominated in earthy colors soothing the ambiance with wood, leather, and wool. To flirt with this jewel box of a room smart-casual dress code is applied to the house rule while to tease out the evening guests may stretch the time in the range of 9 PM to 2 AM entire week.

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