BLANCO par Mandif Received Gold Medal at Australian Grass-Fed Cooking Challenge 2019

5 years ago

Rooting in nurturing young generation has been the core value of BLANCO par Mandif even prior to the establishment. Mandif Warokka, the Executive Chef believes in the spirit of youngsters where enthusiasm and creativity create innovation. True to this realization, three young chefs from BLANCO par Mandif have recently received Gold Medal at the prestigious event, Australian Grass-Fed Goodness Cooking Challenge 2019. Representing the fine dining restaurant itself, Chef Tan Ali (Chef de Cuisine), Jeremy Stefanus (Chef de Partie) and Kenrick Gunawan (Trainee) contributed their thoughts, energy, and heart to be processed together with the authentic unparalleled recipes.

The event was held to initiate fundraising to support Young Chefs Club Bali. Bali’s 5 Top Restaurants under luxury properties; St.Regis, Banyan Tree, The Laguna Resort and Spa, and Renaissance, participated to present their best cooking skill to be plated at the Gala Dinner. At Gourmet Garage on 3rd of July 2019, the five prominent restaurants were summoned to comprise Australian Grass-fed meat as the main ingredient. However, the points taken were not merely from how it tasted but also the presentation and the twist in every aspect. Each plate served must contain the passion of the young chefs, projecting the avant-garde creation with the dash of authenticity.

Having been preparing themselves intensively for this challenge, the trio displayed impressive Appetizer, to begin with. First to serve was Cornet Lamb Terrine, Lamb Consomme Jelly consisting of grounded lamb, marinated chicken liver, pistachio, carrot, celery, Portobello mushroom, eringi mushroom, and leek. To complement afterward were Mint & Lemon Gel, Quick pickled Apricot, and Plum with Singaraja vinegar and Raisin & Fried Shallot Sourdough Toast.

Not stopping there, the main course that won the hearts of the judges has also compiled understated components in order to perfect the entire package of irresistible cookery. The chefs from BLANCO par Mandif jotted down an exceptional list of ingredients and named it after Slow-cooked AUS Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin and Mushroom, port wine jus, potato-truffle pure, asparagus tart, duxelles mushroom stuffed zucchini, ratatouille, confit potato, and glazed daikon. The presentation of the main course mesmerizes one’s eye, imbuing earthy colors from the robust grass-fed beef tenderloin and its side dish. 

The inspiration behind this immeasurable charm departs from the combination of high-quality locally sourced ingredients and the taste of both Asian and Western recipes. The twist of Western flavors coming from the beef tenderloin, brunoise of ratatouille, truffle potato puree, confit potatoes (dash with smoked paprika) were fused with Asian relish: fried stuffed baby zucchini flower, glazed of daikon, and fried enoki mushroom. Originally, the cooking method the three chefs applied principally was born in BLANCO par Mandif as well as the thoughtful concept they have created. In the house of the fine dining restaurant itself, they were deliberately encouraged to manifest the ethos of progressiveness. By regular practice, compulsive reviews and experiments, it is no wonder the young chefs from BLANCO par Mandif could reign over others at the culinary competition.

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