Blanco par Mandif Supports an International Art Forum

6 years ago

To be an admirable space, it needs to carry significant core values that can inspire people to follow the lead. For Blanco par Mandif, two important aspects to mark its excellence lie upon Art and Environment. It has been known that art has tucked in the vein of BLANCO par Mandif where is situated in the complex of Blanco Museum. From the very first step to the restaurant, an intricate design of the door to the living room presenting a glass window overlooking Tjampuhan river and providing cozy couches under exceptional lamps, BLANCO par Mandif is proud to offer more than just delectable menu. Moving to the main “stage” another level of art is spread around the corner. Impressive painting on the wall, fresh flower arrangements, to the appealing tablecloth and centerpiece hurray the entire package of beauty. It is not foreign, thus, to the people who have been familiar with this fine dining restaurant that art is its life. Not to mention the aesthetic side of cooking itself, showcasing an artsy presentation to excel guests’ appetite.

Another aspect BLANCO par Mandif pays attention on is the environment. This restaurant believes a cycle of sustainable environment is to create a cycle of empowerment where local farmers are supported so that they can be empowered to produce the highest quality to be used by the chefs. Regarding this matter, BLANCO par Mandif always sources the best quality local produces in the kitchen and as much as possible soars the message of local wisdom. In order to deliver the core values, BLANCO par Mandif joined the venture of an international art forum entitled Gong Laut that brings art to the mass for promoting nature conservation. The concept of artivism (art and activism) pitched by Gong Laut is in line with the two core values of this Indonesian gastronomy restaurant.

Rooting from Indonesian proverb “Bagai Menggarami Lautan” (as if seasoning the ocean) which has connotative meaning to do something useless, the art forum instead is inspired by the philosophy of the salt itself. Salt is a modicum. Thus the theme “Seasoning the Ocean” is an invitation to take actions for the ocean by doing a small thing. This perspective was responded by BLANCO par Mandif by hosting the Pre-Opening entitled “Literary Luncheon” on Saturday, 20 October 2018. Together, BLANCO par Mandif and Gong Laut fostered two of Gong Laut’s invited participants, Guy Helminger, an award-winning author from Luxembourg, to discuss artivism) and Samar Gantang, a legend Balinese poet with significant figures and the certain art enthusiasts.

As the Operational Manager of BLANCO par Mandif reveals, “Our philosophy is to nurture nature and culture where we don’t only serve food and service but values. We dedicate ourselves to give the best we can and it includes how we want to help preserving the nature and culture. We also reinforce local farmers and produces to help the community grow better. This philosophy is also the reason why we want to support Gong Laut that in this case promoting to preserve nature and culture through the their programs including workshops about waste management and about Indonesian culture.”

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