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Chef Mandif Warokka Joined 10 Hands Dining in Banyan Tree Bintan

4 years ago

Collaborative dining experience is no foreign in the world of culinary to unleash more culinary scenes. This time Executive Chef as well as the proprietor of BLANCO par Mandif, Chef Mandif joined collaborated with 4 other renowned chefs to hold 10 Hands dining carrying theme Flavours of Indonesia. The event was located in a wonderful place fostering spectacular views of nature. In Banyan Tree Bintan, Chef Mandif alongside Chef Farah Quinn, Chef Yudhistira Angga (Executive Sous Chef of Banyan Tree Bintan), Chef Edy Rakhmat (Executive Chef of Banyan Tree Bintan), and Chef Dedy Sutan (Executive Chef of COMO Uma Canggu) prepared a gastronomic set of Indonesian cuisine for only one night on 26th October, 2019.

Interestingly, every chef has different backgrounds and experiences. It made the diverse menu established that memorable night. Chef Mandif himself has explored the world of gastronomy for years. His imaginative mind surely played along when it was time to present the creation of serving authentic Indonesian taste within innovation. At the dinner, his “Heirloom Tomato” offered a nostalgic taste of Indonesian soup with quality tomatoes added with tofu curd and almonds to form a texture in the gastronomic soup. A definite representation of a meal in an Indonesian fine dining restaurant. Differently, Celebrity Chef, Farah Quinn, cooked something very familiar for Indonesians. The Pindang Iga (rib soup) was her charm that night. She cooked the tender spare beef rib in a hearty turmeric beef broth with pineapples and tomatoes added to balance out the taste. Then for the garnish and more appetizing aroma, she put kemangi (Indonesian basil). 

The guest chefs at the special event were not only the two mentioned. From COMO Uma Canggu, Chef Dedy Sutan also made an appearance for Bubur Sumsum 3.0 as he named it. The origin of this dessert is actually unknown because throughout the country there are different versions of Bubur Sumsum. Bubur is best translated as porridge but Bubur Sumsum has a sweet taste from the palm sugar. This Chef of the Year by the Indonesia Chef Association in 2018 presented the dessert consisting of an organic rice custard enhanced by the sweetness of Bali comb, Bedugul vanilla, and telangis gelato.

From the house of Treetops Restaurant at Banyan Tree Bintan, Chef Yudhistira Angga and Chef Edy Rakhmat showed their skill through two particular Indonesian dishes, Chef Yudhistira with otak-otak (Indonesian fish cake) and Salmon Buntil (a traditional Javanese stuffed wrapped). However, the ingredients used for the common meals were not usual. The popular Indonesian street food, otak-otak, was based with sticky rice stuffing with fish and squid. On the side, it was served with sambal balacan (sauce made from shrimp paste and chili) and Indonesian crackers. featuring freshly poached salmon wrapped in spinach leaves and topped with Bintan prawns in an aromatic coconut and ginger sauce. Meanwhile, The Executive Chef of the restaurant, Chef Edy introduced Javanese cuisine on the table with a twist. Buntil is supposed to be filled with Indonesian anchovy, instead, he explored the flavour with salmon, shrimp, coconut and ginger powder. It, later, was wrapped in spinach giving more robust flavour to the traditional cuisine. Together with their 10 skillful hands, the dinner was such a blast for everyone. Especially those who seek for a perfect holiday in a perfect spot in Bintan.