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Chef Mandif Warokka Participated in The Hatten Wines Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

4 years ago

Anthony Bourdain has been an inspiration for many other kitchen marvels around the world including Indonesia. He has not only been known for his superfluous cooking skills but also his persona as a food writer and TV figure who was also a globetrotter craving for exotic cuisine across continents. From scene to scene he appeared on screen, Anthony passed an array of documentation revealing his exploration of international culture, cuisine and human behavior. His critical mind was poured down into a series of books that have been successfully motivated a myriad of international chefs to make food as a part of their cultures, encouraging them to preserve every piece of authentic signature to go into another level. Since his death on June 8, 2018, the world has never forgotten his presence in the industry who has delivered a number of legacy that must be alive for as long as people can remember. 

Understanding how important and significant Anthony Bourdain for gastronomic culinary, the Head Chef of BLANCO par Mandif, Mandif Warokka seemed to be summoned joining the venture with other renowned Indonesian chefs to pay tribute for him in Bali. Organized by Hatten Wines, the Tribute to Anthony Bourdain was held on September 24, 2019, in Hatten Wines Lawn, Sanur. It was a fundraising event where all the chefs, restaurants and parties collaborated showed their best to be enjoyed by the invited guests. As cherished as it was, alongside celebrity chefs Farah Quinn, Rinrin Marinka and host chef Chris Salans of Mozaic Restaurant, and other chefs from 12 restaurants, Chef Mandif Warokka represented signature taste of BLANCO par Mandif to support the fundraising that would be donated for two special causes: Solemen Indonesia and The Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Throughout the event, the following chefs were asked to cook up to 3 dishes for Anthony Bourdain as if he was alive and there to try out their dishes.

The second year of Anthony Bourdain’s prestigious tribute has been considerably elevated from the first time. The setting itself was designed in a culinary night market projecting culinary scene, music to swing and dance, as well as amusing entertainment to complete the euphoria.  From the first year, the tribute always rooted in the philosophy Anthony Bourdain attempted to spread. Food is a notable component in diverse cultures and always ceremonial to celebrate certain rituals or traditions. Particularly in Indonesia with plenty of cultural commemoration, food is more than just basic demand. Food is to explain where someone comes from, to reach beyond a specific place or moment in time. Having said this, The Hatten Wines Tribute to Anthony Bourdain is the act of bringing people together appreciating food and culture to later be preserved and introduced farther. All attendees, either the food enthusiasts or the restaurant figures arriving in the event captured every moment soaking in these values and leaving with awareness to recognize contemporary cultural nuances without eliminating the key of the authentic recipes. Furthermore, all attendees are expected to raise important issues regarding different kinds of food.