Festive Cocktails for Indonesian Gastronomers

5 years ago

Every gastronomer has a personal destination to embark in the case of savoring particular eateries. For the same reason many upscale restaurants, bars and clubs afford to provide exceptional culinary performances. The idea of a “pop up” dining oftentimes triggers those gastronomers with enormous behavior toward festive sensation. To engage gastronomers across the archipelago to gather in the capital city, BLANCO par Mandif, a fine dining restaurant fostering progressive Indonesian cuisine and Ambrosia Private Club, a private gourmet restaurant and club, created two sequential festive nights offering curated menu for food connoisseurs. The two shared the same values of catering authenticity in any gastronomic aspects of the properties. From 29 to 30 of August 2019 at Ambrosia, a decadent culinary experience focusing on the food and beverage pairing collaborated together with other parties to join the venture: Macallan and Dimatique Fine Wines to complete the whole enjoyment. 

Whisky to begin and finish and wine in between. This is the grandeur of the occasion to center cocktails, whisky, and wine in the package of gastronomic courses. The appearance of two mixologists from Ruang Tamu Bar, Ghalim Pati, and Raviella Angela was one of the integral parts of the entire arrangement. Their presence was as the representations of the bar that is a part of BLANCO par Mandif’s establishment. Shaken and stirred with passion, the two split two specifically crafted cocktails for ladies and gents. The stronger, bold, taste cocktail poured on the glass of Passion and Potion (Macallan 12, Drambuie, Malibu, pandan syrup, and homemade chocolate bitter). This recipe was hailed from behind the bar of Ruang Tamu, itself. Authentically mixed and served on the table of the festive dinner. Meanwhile, Athene’s Garden was designated for female souls amidst the crowd. It was a once-at-a-time creation to flash an innovation. In a glass of Athene’s Garden, Macallan 12, homemade artisan floral vermouth, lemon, and orange bitter produced an elegant finish of the well-balanced composition.

When the show commenced, it was a privilege for the enthusiastic foodies to enjoy a pairing 7-course dinner prepared by the head chef and proprietor of BLANCO par Mandif, Chef Mandif Warokka. Known for his undoubted cooking skills of different cuisines, the award-winning chef presented four delectable main courses: Blue Swimmer Crab, Sea Urchin Ravioli, Ohmi A5 Striploin, Lamb Eye Fillet “Jimba” Farm Grass-Fed. Not to mention to extend the delectation, two mouth-watering desserts also lied upon. Inspired by an Island of Honduras, Guanaja, the two desserts were named after it: Guanaja x Ivory and Guanaja Chocolate Tart. Every plate of his craftsmanship allowed guests to relish the best of Indonesia’s produce including seafood, poultry, and vegetables. It seems to be the standard procedure at BLANCO par Mandif to only distribute dishes using fresh, quality produce besides to prioritize to use products from local farmers with the consent of the quality maintenance. Furthermore at the event, a modern cooking technique was infused with culture, original recipes and paired with premium whisky and wine selection. The intermittent pairs of whisky and wine were aimed to elevate the culinary experience, boosting the flavor of the recipes combining with rich taste of the whisky and wine. Finally, when everything fell into place, it was not merely dining on an exclusive spot. It was a lifetime understanding of gastronomy.

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