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Chef Mandif M Warokka

An award winning talented Chef and Restaurateur, born in Biak, Papua, Indonesia who is highly passionate about Gastronomy. International traveler Chef, finally returned to his home country to fulfil his dream opening his own gastronomic restaurant. Some of his personal achievement was voted as “The Best Chef in Bali 2011" and "Best restaurateur 2014" followed by several prestigious medals and trophies in International culinary competition.
As one of the top chef in Indonesia he is regularly invited as “Guest Chef” for several finest restaurant worldwide and Indonesia TV shows; Chef Judge at The Grand Final Indonesia Master Chef Season 1, Chef Judge at Grand Final Hells Kitchen Indonesia Season 1 and Chef Judge Grand Finale Top Chef Indonesia Season 1.

He finally set his dream opening TEATRO in 2012. In 2015 The BLANCO par Mandif opened its door, set up a new challenge introducing finest Modern Indonesian cuisine into International level. The exotic of Indonesian flavour and carefully source of finest seasonal quality local produce are merits his passion and craftsmanship. We greatly welcome you to experience the culinary journey of Indonesian cuisine at BLANCO par Mandif, located in one of the historical setting in Bali, Don Antonio Blanco Museum, Ubud.

Resva Conita

Everyone came with high expectation when they arrive, and should leave exceeding it when they’re done.

Restaurant Manager

Resva quickly rose to her role as Maitre’D in a short time. Born and raised in Singaraja, she starts her hospitality career from the early on. From casual restaurant to 5* Luxury, she’s been there, gaining knowledge and experience from the get go. Under her watchful eyes, no small details are missed.

Now, she utilizes her talent by reigning as Maitre’D making sure your time at BLANCO par Mandif is a memorable one.

Chef Tan Ali

You got to have a clear vision, a fixed mission, finish it with a nice execution


Joining us since the inception of BLANCO par Mandif, Ali climbs the ladder from the bottom rank to what he is now, Mandif’ second in command. Time has proven, that he is worth his salt.

As sous Chef, he sets example of our young culinary brigade, to give their best on every plate. Streamlining every small components in the dish, expect fresh new ideas from him.