Ruang Tamu’s Cocktail Selection at Gloomy Sunday

5 years ago

To roar the masterpiece of our signature drink recipes, Ruang Tamu Bar at BLANCO par Mandif does not stand still at the restaurant to be recognized. Collaborations, on the other hand, is considered to power play the extent of a brand. This surely is a cue for Ruang Tamu Bar to spreading the cocktail experience across the property itself. Gloomy Sunday, an aesthetic speakeasy bar in Bandung, later picked up the idea of collaborative action: a bar takeover. One night in Bandung, seemed to be enough to embark the values, philosophy and the refreshing crafts of Ruang Tamu Bar itself. Inside the vintage interior, Gloomy Sunday that is known as a  bar focusing only on cocktails, the two pillars of Ruang Tamu Bar, Ghalim Pati and Raviella Angela (Angie) shared their skills of mixing, shaking, and innovating the cocktail’s ingredients to offer a new sensation in the town. Ruang Tamu is built for its intimate, very personal ambiance where the cocktails are not born to amaze but to create comfort. This, particularly, the two mixologists of Ruang Tamu Bar attempted to show in the bar takeover. 


The four signature cocktails of Ruang Tamu Bar on September 8th, 2019 were served as the special menu of the night in order to resemble the homey, familiar, yet exceptional tastes Bandung’s residents might have not yet relished. The recipes tagged along from Ubud were not merely a cocktail because there was something unconventional in each glass which shaped an experience. El Chapo, for example, contained Gin and Lime basically, sounding like a regular gin and tonic. However, the additional ingredients: kyuri and cilantro created an incredible finish on one’s palate differently. Similarly to Mesoyi Old-Fashioned. Who does not know Old-Fashioned? But with the mesoyi wood, and pineapple gum bitter infused the bourbon, it delivered a familiar yet unique flavor. The other two might as well feel common though they were absolute novel craftsmanship. Guests could prefer a cocktail with dark rum in Well-Tempered Clavier. Combined with sugarcane, spruce, and ale reduction, this cocktail offered a balanced flavor. The sweet from sugarcane and the bitter from the ale reduction perfected the idea of balance. No overpowering ingredients in one glass. 


Last but not least was Petrichor. The name itself has already raised one’s eyebrow, trying to google-search the meaning of it. Some vocabulary masters may have guessed the definition but some probably need to really check on the dictionary. Best translated as the smell of rain, Petrichor was born to resemble the exact definition of the word. People who are willing to take a sip can remember how the smell of rain and imagine the nuance around when the land is going to be wet. In a glass of Petrichor earthy taste dominates. The mix of beetroot and tamarind was the key. Rye Whiskey with bianco vermouth based the main ingredients before other additional flavors collided. As a cherry on top was elder-chamomile foam to fuse the floral aroma. The four signature cocktails were carefully chosen to represent Ruang Tamu Bar because the team would like to serve cocktails for everyone. Meaning is most people can enjoy as each represents one’s favorite. Every single cocktail fan has a personal preference but the four recipes were expected to match the preference on some level even if it was not precisely. 


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