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The Bequest Of The Mashed-potato Master: Joel Robuchon

5 years ago

No one ever understands how the universe works. Who knew from cooking a simple dish: mashed potato, a legend in culinary industry was born: Joel Robuchon, delivering Michelin-starred restaurants in 7 big cities in the world. It was as if a mystery when someone could rocket from a mere humble dish to rest in peace suffering a complicated disease. However, it is not a mystery that a chef —particularly the most renowned one as Robuchon, leaves the peculiar Mother Earth with abundant precious memories, thoughts, motivation, stories and lifetime recipes. In Robuchon’s case, he shares his mind-boggling bequests including 31 Michelin Stars in the world of gastronomy across the continents, French cuisine influence to global community, and more importantly world’s top chefs: Gordon Ramsay, Éric Ripert and Michael Caines to name a few.

The life of a chef is pretty much close to the life of an artist. Naturally talented but having to practice and creatively innovate. One source spouted to describe Robuchon’s as a cook is to see a Pablo Picasso a painter.

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