Who We Are

In our way of nurturing the nature and culture, we explore the Mother Nature to procure the freshest ingredients. Some element(s) are left untouched, while other(s) are interpreted through our passion and refine craftmanship. By keeping the tradition alive, we aim to introduce you Indonesian cuisine; defined by BLANCO par Mandif. Selamat Makan

BLANCO par Mandif is the ultimate venture of Chef Mandif Warokka.


June 2015 marked the latest addition to Ubud’s gastronomic scene. BLANCO par Mandif Proudly presents a different approach Indonesian Heritage Cuisine: degustation style. Nestled within the Blanco Renaissance Museum complex, offering you natural views of the Tjampuhan River. From the bountiful harvest of Jimbaran Bay to the lush greenery of Kintamani Hills, BLANCO par Mandif spares no effort in bringing you the best of the seasons. Truly, from nature to table. Pairing the diversity of Indonesian flavours alongside Chef Mandif is Chef Tan Ali, a young talented chef who envisions a high jump in his future. To supervise everything is under control in any aspect, Resva Conita (Operational Manager) manages to be the message barrier of all divisions in the house. To be her right hand is Ahimsa Ghibran Parada, assisting her in creating the balance of the service and products. Together, they aim to put Indonesian Heritage Cuisine on the international culinary map with Balinese warm hospitality delivering their core value: nurturing nature and culture.

Mandif M Warokka

An award winning talented Chef and Restaurateur, born in Biak, Papua, Indonesia who is highly passionate about Gastronomy. International traveler Chef, finally returned to his home country to fulfil his dream opening his own gastronomic restaurant. Some of his personal achievement was voted as “The Best Chef in Bali 2011″ and “Best restaurateur 2014” followed by several prestigious medals and trophies in International culinary competition. As one of the top chef in Indonesia he is regularly invited as “Guest Chef” for several finest restaurant worldwide and Indonesia TV shows; Chef Judge at The Grand Final Indonesia Master Chef Season 1, Chef Judge at Grand Final Hells Kitchen Indonesia Season 1 and Chef Judge Grand Finale Top Chef Indonesia Season 1. He finally set his dream opening TEATRO in 2012. In 2015 The BLANCO par Mandif opened its door, set up a new challenge introducing finest Modern Indonesian cuisine into International level. The exotic of Indonesian flavour and carefully source of finest seasonal quality local produce are merits his passion and craftsmanship. We greatly welcome you to experience the culinary journey of Indonesian cuisine at BLANCO par Mandif, located in one of the historical setting in Bali, Don Antonio Blanco Museum, Ubud.


Resva Conita

“Everyone came with high expectation when they arrive, and should leave exceeding it when they’re done.” She is the pillar of the business, making the structure of the business stands tall. Doing analysis to almost most of the things keeps her and the restaurant alive. Born and raised in Singaraja, Bali, strengthens her perspective of preserving the culture. She always encourages people to use local products, always searches for local materials to wear and indeed always does research for the best local produce and ingredients to use in the kitchen. Of how she contributes to nurture the nature, she loves gardening and grows organic plants around her house. It draws her intention of sustaining the environment not the other way around, spoiling what we have in the archipelago. Quickly rose to her role as Operational Manager in short time, starting her hospitality career from a casual restaurant to five-starred one gives her the energy to learn nurturing people. Wholeheartedly, guiding people to improve and gain more knowledge for a better future defines her goal. At Blanco, particularly, she sees the team as her family. Meanwhile to the guests, she is a watchful-eye analyst. She observes and delivers what the guests need before they ask. No small detail is missed.


Tan Ali

I have a long-held dream to create a trendsetting menu, a list of scrumptious menu to be roared overseas. I would like to introduce Indonesian cuisine to the world.” As if being able to read his future, Chef Tan Leonardi Ali (Chef Ali for short) already figured his passion in the culinary industry long before he actually involved in the business even though he started his career as an athlete. Becoming an athlete and a chef is similar to him. Both require persistence, consistency and passion to win all competitions including in a restaurant, winning customers’ hearts. Prior to his study in STP (Bandung Institute of Tourism) Bandung 2011 taking Food Production Program, Chef Ali decided to one day be a chef by observing people who love to cook and start to build the interest. After graduation he began his cooking venture in Blanco par Mandif (2015), a fine dining restaurant in Ubud, Bali, led by chef and restaurateur Mandif Warokka, leading him to helm as a Chef de Cuisine today. His practical thinking and willing to always challenge himself establish his strong characters to serve the best on every plate. Providing people with great food motivates him to create innovative menu, concepting something beyond expectation.